Gemma Castro

Gemma Castro is a musician, dj, video artist born in Long Beach. She is currently studying in the composition & experimental sound practices program at CalArts. Gemma is a resident DJ on dublab radio where she hosts the monthly show "Primera Generación." She has self released music as well as film work and will be releasing her sophomore EP titled Angeles y Demonios in 2021. She loves cooking, swimming, and bringing people together.


Murio La Flor (2019)

In this film the protagonist (played by Gemma’s younger sister Fatima Castro) is a writer who struggles to find motivation and is stifled by fear. She encounters a young musician (played by childhood friend Daisy Chavez) and is moved by her boldness. She feels the current of the musicians strength and is left to find her own.


love is a verb, death is always with us (2020)

Inspired by bell hooks’, All About Love, Gemma explores her feelings of lovelessness. She seeks love relentlessly and in the process is faced with her relationship with death and those who have loved her before.


Quiero Saber de Ti (2020)

Gemma explores intimacy and romance while isolated at her Abuelita’s house in Guadalajara.  

“I had rekindled a relationship with my childhood love after 4 years of losing touch with them. While I was in Mexico we talked every night on the phone, and then one night he didn’t call and I was going crazy. At that moment I thought  ‘Wait. I can use this, I can use my skills to make myself feel better,’ and so I took out my drum machine and put my feelings there. I recorded Quiero Saber De Ti that night. I was thinking why hasn’t he called, fuck this guy, not fuck this guy but where is he? I wanted to know ‘What are you doing right now that you’re not calling me like what possibly could you be doing.’ I started recording the video and thinking I’m going to send this to him and show him all these things I learned in the last four years.” - Gemma (read more)