Emilia M. Borja


Executive Producer LatinFest 2021

Ecuadorian percussionist, composer, and art educator based in Los Angeles CA. The original work that she develops transits between experimental and popular music based on Latin American rhythms. She has played in numerous musical formations of different styles, always looking for versatility and diversity in her repertoire and musical experiences. Throughout her career, education and cultural production parallel to her artistic practice has become a priority.

David Velazco

Co-Producer LatinFest 2021


Cuban drummer and percussionist based in Miami FL. David is an active artist who has performed locally in the city of Miami with artists such as Daniel de Leon, Conjunto Progreso, Beker Figueroa, and Yadira Matos. He also played in the Latin Jazz, R&B, and Jazz ensemble of Miami-Dade College (MDC). In 2017, he joined Jubilation Dance Ensemble (JDE), which is run by MDC’s School of Dance director Michelle Grant-Murray.  Here he played percussion, and also got to co-choreograph, served as light tech assistant, and produced the music for the Black History Month Show in 2018 and 2019. This show travelled to schools of all levels throughout the city. David is currently a BFA4 Performance/Composer at Calarts.

Angela Rosado

Co-Producer LatinFest 2021

Born and raised in Northeast Los Angeles, Angela Rosado is a multidisciplinary artist currently in their 4th year in the CalArts BFA acting program. Her most recent credits include Top Girls, The Wolves, workshops with renowned playwrights Virginia Grise and Octavio Solís, and Telenovelas in the Park, a collaboration with environmental group Mujeres de la Tierra. This Chicana actor dreams of creating work in all mediums and hopes their work will inspire others to work towards a more conscious and accepting world.

Gemma Castro 

Co-Producer LatinFest 2021

Gemma Castro is a musician, dj, video artist born in Long Beach. She is currently studying in the composition & experimental sound practices program at CalArts. Gemma is a resident DJ on dublab radio where she hosts the monthly show "Primera Generación." She has self released music as well as film work and will be releasing her sophomore EP titled Angeles y Demonios in 2021. She loves cooking, swimming, and bringing people together.

Anaís Azul (le/elle)

Co-Producer LatinFest 2021


Peruvian first generation immigrant Anaís Azul (they/them) is a California Based singer-songwriter, composer, and teaching artist. Described as “stunningly honest and vulnerable,” their artistry engages with music as a tool for community building, cross-genre collaboration, and collective healing

Maya Paredes (she/ella) 

Co-Producer LatinFest 2021


Vocalist, pianist, cellist, and songwriter based in Los Angeles and a BFA3 Performer/Composer at CalArts. Maya loves interdisciplinary collaboration, and experimenting with multiple styles of music on cello, voice and piano. She enjoys listening to lots of Celia Cruz and spending time outside.

Andrea Soto 

Co-Producer LatinFest 2021

IG - @andreasotomr

Mexican-American freelance dancer, creator, and collaborator based in Los Angeles. She is a current BFA in Dance at CalArt. She has also performed works by Yvonne Rainer and Holley Farmer, and has been part of various workshops such as Gaga HomeLab with Ohad Naharin, the TL Collective's and Cirque du Soleil's. Andrea has also received training in Mexico, where she broadened her experience in commercial dance, and where she was part of works in the manner of concert dance. Through movement research, filmmaking and collaborations, she aims to research the spectrum of textures and abstract emotions through her body, by exploring the infinite ways of embodying shapes, words, feelings, filled with expansiveness and significance.

Julia Raphaella Aguila 

Co-Producer LatinFest 2021

Julia is an artist who combines her Filipino heritage, and familial photographs into painting. Originally born in the Philippines, her work is influenced by the stories of her own family as well as the cities, and vast landscapes of her homeland. As a painter, she seeks to transform and immortalize the memories behind the people who were photographed, and the memories of the places where she grew up.

Graphic Design: Jonatan Garibay

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