Genie Santiago

Described as spiritual and sensual, Genie Santiago is a Boston based musician, poet, visual artist, artivist, and bruja. Her art draws from her experience growing up in poverty, overcoming trauma, and as a Queer Latina. Genie is unafraid to empower others to overcome trauma, decolonize the mind, promote sexual freedom, and stray from the ideals of self-hatred that society places upon us. She can be found blessing many stages performing original poetry and songs from her EP, "Know Your Worth", and her newest singles, "Spirit Party" and "Revelación". 

Street Spirituality: Ancestral Music in R&B and Hip-Hop

Genie Santiago discusses the presence of ancestral music in today's R&B and Hip-Hop. Content will include themes of colonization, intergenerational trauma, artivism, and examples of past and present music. There will also be guided discussions based around the shared content. Some of the topics discussed can be triggering so there will be brief periods of optional group meditation. 

Monday, March 1st 2pm