MACHA! (collective creation) 2020 

Migration and the consequent re and unlearning imply the search for a new (and possible) context from which to renegotiate personal identity.

The machX collective creation proposal appeals to symbologies linked to rites of passage, in which the sea element is a metaphor of fluidity, approaches and also transformations. The performance starts from the experience of migration and uses the Marinera, a traditional dance from the north coast of Peru that shows a Hispanic-Amerindian-African mix of colonial origins, as a cultural (and popular) element to reflect on gender roles and the possibility of transcending binaryism. Confronting tradition implies a liberation and search for new ways of expressing and expanding “masculinities”.

Physical, psychological and cognitive migrations, as complex transformation processes in search of new political and existential meanings.

This performance brings together an interdisciplinary team formed by Luz Zenaida Hualpa García, Carlos Leon-Xjimenez, Masaru Nishimoto, Sonja Ortiz and Diego A. Urbina Martinez. 

Luz Zenaida Hualpa García

Peruvian choreographer and pedagogue based in Berlin, studied Spanish Philology, Ethics, Religion, and Education at the University of Potsdam. Currently, she has been working on the development of dance seminars and workshops, based on oral tradition, literature, and linguistics. "Mundo Andino - Chix'i" and "Africanity in our America - Malambo" are the result of this research process. She shares knowledge and movements that she shares in her itinerant cultural encounters but also in the Luz Y Color school, a pedagogical project that she founded in 2011.

Luz has participated in interdisciplinary projects such as "Latin Baroque" in Weimar with the ensemble The Playfords, "Tiqsi muyu marq'ay - Eine warme Umarmung für die Erde" and "Zuhören # 4 - Climate change & democracy From complexity to action" with Sasha Waltz & Guests in Berlin, "Earth Dance - Historical resistances of the memory of the body" with the HumboldtHuaca project at the Institute for Art in Context UdK Berlin, "The Baroque in Latin America" ​​with the Eyenamá Ensemble in Wroclaw and "SINP'A - braid "with PuntoDencuentro in Düsseldorf. Since September 2018 she has been working on the MACHA! with Diego Urbina and Sonja Ortiz.

Diego Urbina Martínez

 Bachelor's degree in communication and art, with an emphasis in the management of social projects at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Lima, 2009).

Diego has worked on development projects focused on human rights, as well as projects to reduce child labor through education. He was also part of the artistic project management team at festivals, as well as artistic dance and theater projects in the local independent scene of Lima.

More than ten years of experience in communication: social management and performing arts programs, marketing, public relations, event management. Diego keen interest in the performing arts led him to discover body language through dance and acting about four years ago.

Among these projects are the participation in Tanz in August  for the Catalan company Vero Cendoya and the video clip fourteen by the Swedish singer Tami T. In 2017 he participated with Ríos Profundos in the Peruvian contribution to the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin. Experiences that resulted from the generation of a performance project MACHA! with the Peruvian artist residing in Berlin Luz Zenaida Hualpa García. This project was presented at the end of September 2020 as a result of a collective research process on masculinities. It is a project that, starting from the Baile Tierra, a traditional dance from northern Peru, questions binary relationships to open up to new manifestations of masculinity. It is, without a doubt, a project with which we want to continue in contact with the communities involved in this matter.